Geo – Sting means people able to professionally manage your risks assuring the safety of your life, property, business and work under the law. Geo – Sting, safety and professionalism!


Commercial department provides:

- Marketing policy, procurement campaign attendance, as well as developing specific corporate proceedings.

- Preparing services packages offered by the company in the authorized fields of activity.          

- Selling and service for the fire defense equipments.

- Participation in fairs and exhibitions.

Geo – Sting SRL sells as an authorized distributor all range of AII technical and protection equipments.

Working with the best producers in the industry (amongst which German company GLORIA – European leader in the production of complex fire extinguishing equipments, hydrants, gas and smoke exhausting installations and systems, fire resistant doors and curtains, hoses, fittings, and hydrant keys, etc.) we ensure a proper balance and highly appreciated relation between quality and price. 



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