Geo – Sting means people able to professionally manage your risks assuring the safety of your life, property, business and work under the law. Geo – Sting, safety and professionalism!

GEO-STING S.R.L. provides services on checking, maintaining and servicing the technical equipment of fire protection normal environments and explosion-proof.

The technical-maintenance department – consisting of 25 employees check the technical fire defense means by:

  • Monitoring and assessment of technical endowment with AII means.
  • Regulating maintenance, checking, revision and repair of the AII means.
  • Checking, maintenance and revision of the technical AII equipment such as:
    • Identification, detection, signaling and fire alert installations (IDSAI);
    • Extinguishing Installations with interior and outdoor fire hydrants , sprinklers, open sprinklers, water based cooling installations, water tanks and pomp stations;
    • Fire extinguishers;
    • Aero-foam extinguishers installations;
    • Powder extinguishing installations;
    • Gas extinguishing installations;
    • Aerosol dispensers for fire extinguishing.

• Maintenance for signalizing, alert and fire defense installations consisting of monthly maintenance operations, quarterly checking and annual reviews performed by department specialists, within properly equipped labs.

• Servicing the fire extinguishers consisting of the following operations: disassembling, checking, emptying, cleaning, replacement of the extinguishing agent, verifying the functionality of the parts, change of  membrane and sealing rings, CO2 cylinder loading ( for powder and CO2 extinguishers), nitrogen pressurization, painting, assembling, labeling  in accordance with the valid norms, sealing.

 • Servicing the fire extinguishers will be held at your premises using testing/control equipments of Brandschutztechniq Muller – Germany fire extinguishers, in accordance with assessing and loading UE standards.




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