Geo – Sting means people able to professionally manage your risks assuring the safety of your life, property, business and work under the law. Geo – Sting, safety and professionalism!

Like all proper company, Geo-Sting operates in accordance with the principles of performance management. Providing specific services at the highest quality standards supposes maintaining the balance between purely economical strategies, required aspects by the legislation and the norms in force and the ones related to organizational culture.

The management of Geo – Sting SRL, a Dambovita County company having 20 years of experience in the field of Fire Protection (AII) and employing over 400 staff, is continuously seeking to achieve new standards of performance in Emergency Situations Management, by harmonizing financial, human and logistical resources.

Fall 2013 was for Geo-Sting a rich one in terms of activity proficiency and image styling: the staff moved into a new ¨house¨ and the personnel of Private Service for Emergency got two new truck stations for control and interventions activities.

New headquarters building, on Petru Cercel street, impresses by its modern architecture. The interior spaces are generous, divided according to the specificities of each department.

Right from entering the premises, the guests are greeted by a showroom of fire protection materials. Along with the spacious offices, the premises consists also of a multifunctional hall for professional training and conferences, with modern IT equipment, as well as a proper space where staff could dine and relax during breaks.

New Geo – Sting building also hosts the Central Dispatch of the Private Service for Emergency, the maintenance workshop for the PSI stations, labs and the maintenance workshop for AII stations, garages for the truck stations.

Two newly purchased vehicles of the fleet complete the novelties list. The company also provides a control station, with a personalized design which enjoyably captures the attention on the streets and an intervention water and foam truck station to serve hard to reach areas.   

It can be said that in 2014-2015 Geo – Sting operates in the profile market under the sign of safety and professionalism!

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