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                 During school week ¨Know more, Be better¨ Kindergaten No. 1 from Targoviste organized in partnership with Geo-
copii3Sting SRL Firefighters company from Targoviste and Dambovita County Red Cross, an earthquake simulation where children mobilized themselves very well. There was a by the book simulation. Once sheltering themselves under tables or in the places they learned to defend from earthquake, children also assisted to a small fire in the kitchen extinguishing, to a first aid providing to the ¨wounded¨, after which they were evacuated to the kindergarten yard where they were awarded Geo-Sting SRL diplomas and congratulated by the teachers, parents and the Kindergarten Principle and the representatives of the organizing institutions.

           Finally, the children showed that they mastered the basics, correctly answering the questions they were asked to check if this action was successful. The organizers say that such activities are essential in schools and that they will be organized in the future as well.   

“Today´s activity was the best so far, being organized in the second day of the program and I consider that children learned many things. In emergency situations, it is important that the preschool children be aware of such things “, a declared Kindesrgarten Principle, Tatiana Dăscălescu.

“The role of these activities is to prepare, say, in time of peace, when there is not such a phenomenon, the population and children how to act in a real situation… In my opinion, the exercise was conducted under very good conditions and we shall persist. Legal regulations oblige all institution and companies to conduct twice a year such exercises, especially for earthquakes. We wish to continue our collaboration with this kindergarten and to organize also fire prevention related activities“, declared Nicolae Roman, Executive Director at Geo-Sting SRL Târgovişte.

           “We present today a model of good practice and Geo-Sting, along with Red Cross demonstrated that it is also possible to prepare the younger generation for the effects of an earthquake. Along with the Emergency Situations Inspectorate and Geo-Sting, we wish to organize as many such exercises, for preparing the population to cope with disasters“, concluded Eugen Florea, Deputy Director at Red Cross Dâmboviţa.

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