Geo – Sting means people able to professionally manage your risks assuring the safety of your life, property, business and work under the law. Geo – Sting, safety and professionalism!


GEO-STING S.R.L. provides consultancy services, technical assistance and auditing in Fire Prevention (A.I.I), Civil Protection (P.C.), Occupational Safety and Health (S.S.M.) through the Department of Emergency Management.

     Within this department, there work 29 experienced people in the above mentioned fields, holding legal certifications and authorizations, from which: 9 fire risk assessors, 12 specialized firefighters, 15 technical Fire Prevention staff, 22 Civil Protection Inspectors, 18 Occupational Safety and Health Inspectors, 4 certified people in Hazard Identification and incident risk assessing.  





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