Geo – Sting means people able to professionally manage your risks assuring the safety of your life, property, business and work under the law. Geo – Sting, safety and professionalism!

 Geo–Sting S.R.L. offers comprehensive services in the areas of Fire Protection ( F.P), Civil Protection (C.P.), Occupational Safety and Health (O.S.H.), providing Emergency Management Services.

      Geo-Sting professionalism and reliability are guaranteed by the 20 years expertise in risk management of the company and rely on the  permits, licenses and competence certificates issued by M.A.I (Ministry of Defense and Internal Affairs) - General Inspectorate of Emergency Situations and I.S.C.I.R.
      SC GEO–STING SRL is a privately owned company which stood out over time due to its continuous activity, presently maintaining itself on the top of Dambovita county companies through the performance of having employed over 400 people. 

Social Responsibility Policy

     Geo – Sting S.R.L. provides to its customers a full range of specific services of Fire Protection, Civil Protection, Occupational Safety and Health through the following departments:

EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT PRIVAT SERVICE – consisting of 17 divisions for Interventions, Rescue and First Aid and 10 fully equipped water and foam fire stations for emergency interventions to civilian or industrial objectives. The intervention brigades staff is fully trained and have the required certificates in compliance with the applicable law.

 AUDITING, TECHNICAL CONSULTANCY, TRAINING – This is the prevention department consisting of 29 specialized firemen, technical staff, risk assessors, P. C. and S.S.M. inspectors and provide technical consultancy and assistance in Fire Prevention and Occupational Safety and Health. Our company has a professional approach to Fire Protection activities through a detailed analysis of the existing situations and by setting actions, measures and conclusions in compliance with the specificity of each beneficiary. 

FIRE PROTECTION SYSTEM AND INSTALLATIONS DESIGN, A.I.I.- P.C. DOCUMENTING – the best specialists in the field are available to ensure your company safety and compliance, regardless of its specific, by meeting all the requirements of the law. Geo – Sting puts you in accordance with the existing norms by: identifying, assessing and controlling the fire risk, drawing fire safety scenarios, intervention and escape plans.

SERVICE AND MAINTENANCE OF A.I.I. – we have a production plant and 6 mobile workshops with Brandschutztehniq Muller & Gloria – Germany equipment. We have the technique and competent staff who ensures checking and charging fire extinguishers at the beneficiary, offering a 12 months guarantee.  

SALES – we sell the entire range of fire defense products – extinguishers and P.S.I accessories produced by European leader GLORIA a German Company, complex firefighting equipment, hydrants, gas and smoke exhaust systems and devices, doors and fire resistant curtains, hoses, fittings and hydrant keys, etc.

FIREPROOFING – we have qualified personnel for combustible material fireproofing and the authorization: A Series, no. 0812/28.03.2011, indefinitely.

QUALIFIED TRAINERS – for qualification in being a firefighter servant. 






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